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James and Joy Campbell
IPM Instructor and Evangelist

A New Creature in Christ
James’ Testimony

Although I was raised in the Catholic church
and attended mass regularly and partook of all the sacraments that they offered, I did not have inner peace.

I worked 50-80 hours/week in the ministries of the Catholic church in hopes of finding inner peace. After two years of volunteering, I decided that it was time to attend college. Two deaf men met me in my dormitory hallway and showed me the way to find inner peace. In 1997, at the age of 27, I received Christ as Savior. In June 1997, I married Joy who also shared my burden for lost souls.

As a new creature in Christ, my heart is greatly burdened for lost souls. In the summer of 1997, I began studying pastoral studies and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. I taught various courses at the Capitol Bible Deaf College and was an associate pastor at Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church in Silver Spring, MD for 12 years.

It is my burden to train foreign nationals to
reach the Deaf by emphasizing the need of
Deaf leaders whose primary language is the
local sign language rather than interpreters in a hearing church.

Because the Deaf have lost their hearing…. should they also lose their souls?