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IPM Deaf Ministries Team Members' Prayer Letters

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Director of Deaf Ministries of International Partnership Ministries (IPM), Kevin Maki

Currently we oversee 15 missionary families that have ties to the Deaf world.  The department includes: James Campbell (Evangelist) working in MD and Marta Galdamez (Assistant) working in FL.  In addition to these staff, there are national workers in Africa, Asia and South America.

Part-time responsibility for the Maki family includes assisting in an interim Pastor role with MHBC for the deaf (Denver, CO).  Lord willing, a candidate for full-time Pastor will be found so that the Maki family can respond to invitations to help the IPM national workers overseas on a more full-time basis.

Prior to working with IPM, the Maki family was involved with Baptist Church Planters in N. CA as the lead pastor the Deaf Baptist Church (Fremont & San Jose) as well as being involved as a part-time youth Pastor for English & Spanish speaking teens (Pinole).

The 11 Maki children have grown up in the deaf church starting in CA and continue to be involved in CO.  In addition to homeschooling her own children, Mrs. Maki has served the women and children of DBC and MHBC  for more than 20 cumulative years.  She and her husband will celebrate their 25th year of marriage in Jan. 2023.

We look forward to sharing with you the burden that God has given us to spread the gospel and disciple in sign language!

Marta Galdamez, IPM Deaf Ministries Assistant: